Monday, February 26, 2007

Sask: State-run wireless internet

Here is one example of how the government is spending money as fast as it's coming in: Free wireless internet access in Saskatchewan's four largest cities.

Saskatchewan will provide free internet access in the downtown and other business reas of the province's four biggest cities beginning in May.

Premier Lorne Calvert and the minister responsible for information technology, Andrew Thomson, made the announcement on Monday in Saskatoon.

"It contributes significantly to the image of our communities and makes them an even more attractive place to invest and to do business and to visit," Calvert said.

It gets worse -- the government will be the Official Censor!
The limited speed service will be free to anyone with a laptop or desk-top computer and Wi-Fi adaptor, available for less than $100. It will block adult sites or sites that promote hate.


The artist formerly known as... said...

Why didn't they put an RFP out for this? Why does Sasktel automatically get in on the action? I thought the crowns weren't "politicized."

R.S. Porter said...

Well if the government didn't censor my internet, who would?

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