Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kyoto costs...continued

Surly has a great Kyoto rant...and a challenge.

I'm praying that Harper meets their demands and tables a detailed plan that will allow Canada to meet its targets under the Kyoto Accord. Promise to impose massive carbon taxes on industry, utilities, oil companies, the works, so that everyone's heating, electricity, and automobile fuel bills double, and the costs of all consumer goods similarly increases. Set out plans to impose hefty fines on heavy industry be it the oilpatch in Alberta, automakers in Ontario, or that perennial Liberal corporate welfare favourite in Montreal, Bombardier if they don't meet impossibly stringent energy use and emission targets. Demand impossibly high fuel economy standards for all new cars sold in Canada and introduce a ban on all SUVs and pickup trucks bought for personal use that will be phased in by 2012. Axe Canada's current supply-side management regime for milk, eggs and dairy which grossly favour Central Canada on the grounds that food for Canadian markets should be grown locally to cut down on CO2 emissions caused by transporting the products to market. Table plans for a ban on future immigration to Canada in order to keep our population down so that we will not have more people emmitting CO2.


Len Pryor said...

Harper and crew cannot ethically do these things. That would be stealing the ideas and commitments of the Liberals, Greens, and NDP. Then they (libs greens NDP) would be duty bound to oppose them. All these "progressive" points must remain the property of their originators.

Len Pryor

Larry said...

As I've said elsewhere, there's the plan. The only thing the Conservatives can do to meet Kyoto is to "bring out a plan in 60 days that is so draconian, with such an onerous burden for tax payers, that puts extreme restrictions on not only the gas and oil sectors but also the manufacturing sectors in Ontario".

Then the opposition parties topple the government, pointing to those draconian measures saying "we wouldn't do that." to get their majority government.

Far better for the conservatives to ignore the law and be toppled then point out that they did not want to kill the economy as the other parties clearly do.

David MacLean said...

At the very least a discussion needs to happen on the true costs of implementing the Kyoto requirements.

A very, very detailed conversation.

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