Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach's campaign contribution list now on-line

Alberta's new premier, Ed Stelmach has released his partial campaign contribution disclosure lists.

"Partial," because he's only disclosing those donors who are willing to be disclosed.

He's apparently the third candidate (out of 8) to do so.

You can view Ed's disclosure documents here on Ed's website, but only until March 15, 2007 when his campaign site is shut down.

Or... you can check out all of the candidate disclosure documents as they become available, permanently on-line by visiting the PC Leadership Campaign Disclosure website on www.taxpayer.com.

The CTF decided that since most of the candidates have already or are about to take down their campaign websites, we didn't want to see these vital public disclosure documents vanish. So as they become available we'll put them on-line permanently.

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