Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Waste Watch

Doing a bit more searching around the Federal Hospitality and Travel expenditure website (see below post) and came across this one:

For: Mayrand, Marc - Superintendent of Bankruptcy - Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy

Event Description: Bankruptcy Executive Committee Meeting

Date: 2006/12/21

Attendee(s): 12 Government of Canada 0 Guests

Location: Delta hotel, Ottawa, ON

TOTAL: $1,480.42
Now to be fair, the meeting might have started at 7AM and ended at 7PM, so it could include breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and snacks for 12 people, and the rent for the meeting room.

BUT... it could also have been just a Christmas dinner "meeting" at the Delta Hotel in Ottawa with the average meal costing $123.37 per person.

Guess we'll have to ATI it to find out...

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