Saturday, January 20, 2007

Urban reserves not good for business

Normally a new development in Regina’s north central neighbourhood would be welcomed with open arms by the business community and taxpayers alike. This is, after all, the neighbourhood skewered in the now infamous Maclean’s magazine article which dubbed it “Canada’s worst neighbourhood.”

Nonetheless, this particular development has not been warmly greeted by many Regina taxpayers.

Several years ago Piapot First Nation purchased a half block of land in the troubled area of town using treaty land entitlement money. Now they are seeking to have the property given “reserve status” so their proposed gas bar and grocery store can operate tax free.

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R.S. Porter said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

If you're going to make outlandish claims you're going to have to back them up with fact.

1st: Explain how the United States is the "home of unfettered commerce". Of course since it's not true you're going to have a little trouble.

2nd: The whole idea can be turned around on you. If you're so in love with the socialist model why does there continue to be extreme poverty in Canada?
-Regina, SK
-Saskatoon, SK
-Winnipeg, MB
-Vancouver, BC

If the socialist, central planned model is unable to solve the problems of Canadian ghettos, explain how it's going to fix North Central Regina???

The Beast said...

Why is it that everytime an Indian does something to better himself or his people or his band or an area where he lives in you fucking white people get all upset about how unfair it is? how is it fair now with the poverty and the prositution and the drugs? in the cities where urban reserves have taken hold they have been benifical to the local aborigional community and the local urban municapality. Everytime we want to get ahead in this "Great Country of Multiculturally Diversity" we must strike out on our own, so we set up casinos only to have the shut down by the RCMP until your preacher NDP leaders draw up a bargin to allow it to happen (not mentioning the fact that the 30-some percent of profits that the government gets is used for what ever the government wants while our remaining balance must have stipulations attached to it as to how we can spend it), we open up gas and smoke bars, print shops, universities, training schools, and look at the possiblity of MRI's on reserve only to have every sort of red tape imaginable placed before us. Must i remind you Treaties were signed by you're people to obtain the rights to the land you currently live on and it has been Canada's great resources that have continually made this country great. from the fur trade at the start to the diamonds and uranium and any number of other resources that are exported out or used to create wealth. look at the treaty areas and you'll see they don't cover just the reserves they cover vast stretches of land that make up large portions of canada. Read up on how the history of the urban reserve has developed in saskatchewan before you go lipping off about how unfair it is remember it was your canadian courts that decided in our favor that we were ripped off by who? was that fair? when we were ripped away from our parents and our culture and history taken from us by men claiming to be doing the "work of god" (and i won't even mention the abuse that was made up of) was that fair? now that we are using your courts and laws to advance our people and raise ourselves out of the circle of poverty we get cries of how unfair it is. Hows about you quit sucking your thumb and help us raise our people out of the miry clay. I'll admit my language isn't the best in this comment but i just get so tired of being kicked simply because i'm indian. you same people never complain about the tax cuts, incentives, and breaks given to large corperations (AKA Wal-Mart) or the fact that most business such as farmers get tax breaks for business related purposes and bail outs when crops fail from the same federal government that tries to support us. and lets face it, if the government didn't make it so damn sexy to give to save on taxes most people and corperations are too selfish and greedy to care or consider how or what to do about problems that get neighbourhoods like north central in big magazines the national macleans. and before i forget the reason i'd shop at an urban reserve store is because like many other indians i live below the poverty line and need to make my little bit of money stretch as far as it can so that little tax break i get for simply being indian on an indian reserve is going to be a great help. (why am i below the poverty line? Student at FNUniv).

I'm also posting this comment on my blog at if you wish to address any issue i've raised.

David MacLean said...

Beast, I don't really think you understand what we are about.

The Beast said...

I understand that an urban reserve is going to benefit the local aborigional population in many positive ways. It is unfortanate that the surrounding businesses will loss the Indian business but some days with the way i'm treated by such businesses i'm sure they don't want my money anyway.
what don't i understand? jobs for indians are going to be created, economic development is going to happen in north central and very likely housing will be built. yes there is the matter of taxes but the reserve pays a yearly grant to cover the expenses incured. how much of north central is actually owned? i mean most people there don't pay property taxes anyway unless it's built into the rent they pay. that urban reserve you're all so dead set against is a vacant lot right now and i can't imagine the city gets any funding to remove snow or pipe water to or through it. after some development happens guess what? Reserve Grant to the city for services... hmmm... lets see, what else? we bring lower gas prices to the city... i always hear people complaining about the high price of gas. well the capitalist system demands that compatition for the customer rule so finding ways to compete becomes a must and as a result the price of gas lowers. sure gas may become a loss leader but i'm sure the leaner meaner gas stations will find a way to stay in business. and of course for you guys it comes back down to taxes. you guys are always saying that this comes down to an issue of race, it isn't. it comes down to treaties between two peoples. a treaty is an agreement made by nations of mutual consent to agree to certain promises to each other. you agree to provide land, education, health we agree to live on reserves and be peaceful and try to learn you're ways. you don't keep up with your end of the bargin and screw us over (taking what little land we have selling it or not giveing us enough land to begin with by the defintions you started the treaty process with) opening up the flood gates for legal battles and class action suits against the government on our part. cause we smart. the end result? we buy land in country in town in cities. why? well we just followed where our people are (as is the case in regina). now i can count on one hand the number of indians i know who live and work off the reserve in jobs that pay enough to warrent the taxation of their pay. i've never made enough to be taxed that much and i enjoy like everyother canadian that makes as much as i do the yearly tax back results of my taxes and of course my GST benefits. tell me, the indians on social assistance do they pay taxes? isn't social assistance a strain on the government? if lets say 30 of those indians on social assistance got a job and got off social assistance wouldn't that be better for the tax payers? now suppose you have 600 indians working on various urban reserves through out the city, wouldnt that be a better position for tax payers you fight for? or is there some benefit to having a certain number of people on social assistance for tax purposes? now before you say there is no proof that urban reserves help the indian population consider the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority. ever see all the indians working there? i see single parents earning a living wage, i see indians getting ahead and buying furniture cars and taking vacations or simply travelling, spending money. i can't imagine the strain we've lifted off the governments shoulders trying to keep all these indians off social assistance.
Maclean, i don't think you've thought your position out...

Spakosky said...

undeniably, there are social benefits from cheap smokes and gas and from casino gambling. However, Beast, you may want to consider whether most other treaty "entitlements" may have been more of a curse than a blessing?

R.S. Porter said...

Um my comment makes little sense if the comment I am refering to gets deleted.

David MacLean said...

Sorry, Porter.

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