Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tomato - TomATTO, SARS-BSE - what's the DIFF?

ED: I am sure he just has a lot on his mind. These types of things happen. Don't let it get ya down Jack!

Layton in SARS, BSE switchSpeech gaffe attracts laughter, scorn BRANDON, Man.

(CP) - It was all acronym soup at a speech by Jack Layton at Manitoba Ag Days on Wednesday. The federal NDP leader left agricultural producers looking at each other in wide-eyed wonder after a speech about farm issues in which he repeatedly referred to the "SARS" crisis which affected the Manitoba cattle industry. "Another important issue is SARS," said Layton. "I was just talking to a cattle producer today who said the situation is worse now than when we were in the middle of SARS." As Layton continued his speech, Manitoba Agriculture Minister Rosann Wowchuk loudly whispered, "It's BSE, not SARS," from her seat at the front of the audience. BSE is the acronym for bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad-cow disease, while SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, the respiratory illness that paralyzed Toronto for several months in 2003. However, Layton didn't hear Wowchuk and kept going, saying SARS several more times, until producers in the audience chimed in to point out his error. Finally he got the message and stopped his speech. "I'm sorry, did I say SARS? I meant BSE. SARS is a Toronto problem," Layton said, to laughter from the audience. But the joke was lost on some. Don Neufeld, who raises cattle near Boissevain, Man., said that politicians of all stripes "just don't understand what's happening at the grassroots" and suffer from an overall ignorance of farm issues.

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Money Bags4Me said...

And from our other next Prime Minister of Canada Stephane Dion we get this, from the globe and mail.

"“My first interest was for the society of animals, not of man,” he recalls. “We had a neighbour named Gaston Moisan, a biologist who was a deputy minister of natural resources. He set traps for the rabbits, to band them, and used to take me with him. He was 5-foot-7, but he was a giant for me.”

A charming childhood anecdote — except, according to Mr. Moisan, it never happened. “I don’t know how he could have imagined that,” the retired bureaucrat and university professor says. “I had nothing to do with St├ęphane. And I never sensed any interest on his part for my work.”

- Oh yah, we're in real good hands if these reality challenged individuals are our leaders.

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