Monday, January 15, 2007

This will certainly help in the next round of collective bargaining

Canada Post union complains Canada Post taking too long to hire new workers in Fort McMurray, what with all the criminal record checks, aptitude tests and all.

Fischer went on to criticize the failure to adapt to Fort McMurray’s chronic labour shortages by forcing new employees through an “elongated hiring process that’s useless and takes a whole bunch of time.

“While the security checks are necessary, a general aptitude test prolongs the hiring process by up to four weeks. It strikes me as being slower than it should be, and really, if you can read, you can be a letter carrier.”

Fischer won't mind then if we pay them as we would any other grade nine dropout.

BTW, if I said something truthful like that to the media, my inbox would swell with hate mail from incensed letter carriers.

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