Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sask: NDP loves the Fraser Institute

It's comical how, in the NDP's books, the Fraser Institute has gone from a bunch of know-nothing hacks to "one of Canada's most prominent right wing think tanks."


Robert McClelland said...

Do you have evidence to back up this assertion that the Saskatchewan NDP thinks the Fraser Institute is a bunch of know-nothing hacks or are you just making it up?

David MacLean said...

Every report Fraser has put out in the past has been dismissed by this government. Usually their methodology is questioned and they are accused of having a hidden agenda.

This one is a positive report, and has been warmly received by the NDP.

Deron said...

That's all good and well, David, but do you have any links or other references which would support your claim?

R.S. Porter said...

"The welfare reform legislation passed by the United States and praised by Sylvia LeRoy and Todd Gabel of the Fraser Institute is hardly without imperfections, errors or faults. In many cases, it has made people's lives and circumstances worse as opposed to better.

Yet once again, the Fraser Institute looks to the United States as a leader. And again, the right-wing think tank looks through socially conservative lenses. Perhaps we should take a peak for ourselves."

In keeping with their knee-jerk right-wing orientation, the Fraser Institute advocates an immediate $180 million reduction in government spending; an immediate sell off our Crown Corporations; the harmonization of the PST and the GST and; an increase to the sales tax." Link

"A number of think tanks and issue organizations are on the scene, each parroting the policies of our right-wing opponents. Think of the Fraser Institute, the Taxpayers Federation, pro-life organizations, childcare "choice" groups, right-wing religious organizations etc. The sheer number of these organizations creates an echo-chamber for right-wing policies and goals. And because they are easily accessible, reporters go to them for an easy quote (isn't it incredible how often David MacLean of the CTF gets on the news?)." Link

"WHEREAS we recognize the attempt of the Fraser Institute to undermine the very principles of universal medicare through misinformation and fear-mongering;..." Link

"But let’s take a closer look at this so-called study. Let us also examine Nevada in terms of its social services sector, which is negatively affected as a result of Nevada’s market-driven ideology – an ideology that the Fraser Institute is so gloriously advocating." Link

David MacLean said...


And hilarious.

Thanks man.

Adam Taylor said...

Nice Work R.S.

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