Friday, January 05, 2007

Sask: The interim report on the state of the Saskatchewan music industry

Key findings of the central music industry planners include:

  • There is a lot of talent in Saskatchewan
  • It's hard to make money being a musician...
  • And more!!!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that those who were consulted think government should spend more money on themusic industry. Some think we should tax groups like the Rolling Stones to help prop up less successful musicians. We are not amused.

1.Funding program to help develop professional gap in industry infrastructure
- producers, recording companies, agents, managers, etc. (7)
2. Increase current funding for existing events or programs (5)
3. Increased funding to SaskMusic (4)
4. More money to music programming in schools (2)
5. Provide recording and manufacturing grants (3)
6. Increase financial support to artists for touring, recording and operating costs – i.e. small business loans (2)
7. Infuse money into the industry before 2007 events (2)
8. Support for more and different festivals (1)
9. Support for artist hubs (1)
10. When “big acts” come to Saskatchewan, collect funds from them to invest in the development of Saskatchewan’s music industry (1)
11. Require commercial media to fund industry development (1)
12. Better provincial representation on committees that distribute grant money (1)

1 comment:

R.S. Porter said...

Yes, just what we need, the government telling the people what "culture" is.

And yet, people are just in love with the idea of government dictating what's good. The NDP never fails to amaze me.

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