Friday, January 12, 2007

Profile: Ruth Dantzer

"Leadership in the skies"
Ruth Dantzer was appointed President of the Canada School of Public Service in 2005. The Canada School of Public Service aims provides leadership in developing skills of Canadian civil servants.

Prior to her appointment, Ms. Dantzer served for 20 years in senior positions in the Canadian public service.

Ms. Dantzer was slow off the start in her first year on the job and registered no travel and hospitality expenses. It didn't take long, however, for Ms. Dantzer to make up for lost time.

In the third quarter of 2004-05 Ms. Dantzer's performance was still tentative. She traveled to Montreal, Halifax, Toronto and Edmonton familiarizing herself with the organization and it's offices across Canada and perhaps preparing for the big travel year that awaited her. She only expensed 14 breakfast, lunch, dinner or "refreshment" meetings between June 2 and September 1.

In September, 2005, Ms. Dantzer undertook an aggressive whirlwind tour across the country. In six days she traveled from Ottawa to Vancouver to Calgary to Fredericton to Toronto -- racking up nearly $5,000 in airfare.

In October, Ms. Dantzer attended the Commonwealth Association of Public Administration and Management Conference in New Delhi, India at a cost of nearly $9,000. In that, the 4th quarter, Dantzer was so busy she had to work through breakfast, lunch and dinner. She expensed 25 luncheons in a three month period.

Being President of the Canada School of Service required a lot of travel in 2005-06. The year kicked off with quick trip to London, England to visit the National School of Government. In the first quarter Ms. Dantzer had to "work through" 32 lunches, breakfasts and dinners.

In the second quarter, Ms. Dantzer spent nearly $3,000 on airfare to travel to Vancouver for just a single night but the best was yet to come -- a taxpayer-funded trip to Botswana! This 11 day trip to southern Africa enabled Dantzer to attend a board of directors meeting and conference of CAPAM (Commonwealth association of Public Administration and Management) at a cost of only $17,000.

Last May, Ms. Dantzer flew to Greensboro, North Carolina for a three day trip to another conference for $4,000. But there's more! In a three week period last June Ms. Dantzer honed her leadership skills in Brasilia, Brazil and China.

Hosted by the Chinese Communist Party, Ms. Dantzer visited the Central Party School in Beijing to "develop a cooperation project."

In just a year and a half on the job, Ms. Dantzer managed to visit four different continents racking up a travel and hospitality bill of $105,000 proving that leadership in the public service can be found in the cabin of a 747!

Hat tip to BBS in the comments!


Robert McClelland said...

So what's your point?

David MacLean said...

The point is, Robert, that Ruth neglected to go to Australia. For that, she should be held to account.

Anonymous said...

you people need to get a life, compare her travel to virtually any senior person in the private secot, this would be minor. instead of attacking good public servants why don't you actually stop be lazy and go after real government waste in departments and agencies as opposed to this lazy embarassing work you have undertaken. real work is always toughter than ambulance chasing..

David MacLean said...

Real work like this?

Robert McClelland said...

I was being serious. I fail to see any point you've made in raising these government expenditures.

Robert McClelland said...

Real work like this?

That's not real work and I could have written it in 5 seconds.

"Corporate welfare is bad, m'kay."

That's all the bloated 33 page report says. There's no attempt to determine if the corporate welfare served the interests of Canadian taxpayers or delivered results for them.

In other words, it's pretty much just a long winded verion of this post of yours.

JM said...

The Canada School of Public Service is just another example of the ineptitude within the PS and their license to steal from the taxpayer. Should it really be any surprise that that a PS would go on a junket, without having to show some value to the Canadian taxpayer. And exactly why does this institution even exit? Is there any reason why PS can't take similiar courses at a community college? Some of the courses offered are of the type that one would expect to see advertised on a book of matches. $640 for a 3 day course to teach someone how to write Emails and Letters? Improving Listening Skills $465; Managing stress $495, and my favourite Values and Ethics in Public Sector Governance $795. What kind of unethical morons are being hired in the PS? And what are the names of the friends/relatives/retired PS who have been hired to deliver these high-quality courses? Pathetic as usual, but certainly not a surprise.

Robert McClelland said...

Is there any reason why PS can't take similiar courses at a community college?

They very well could instead of jetting off to Ottawa. But that has nothing to do with Ruth Dantzer's travel expenses; which were generated in order to learn about other nation's bureacracies. Even if these courses were held in community colleges, someone would still have to design the courses.

BBS said...

"I was being serious. I fail to see any point you've made in raising these government expenditures."

Why? This is the same School of Public Service that, until they were reigned in by the Conservatives, were planning on flying EVERY new member of the public service to Ottawa for a week to better familiarize them with the government they work for.

I have nothing against training and professional developement, but this school was nothing more than outright bribe from the then governing Liberals to the public service.

Monique Blondin said...

Are you suggesting that Canada should not participate in international organizations ? CAPAM is an international organization , part of the Commonwealth,whose head office is in Toronto. It meets twice a year in a different member country. Ms Dantzer is a member of its Board of Directors. The main goal is to help improve public administration in developing countries. Are you suggesitng we should not do that ?

Ryan said...

Well, this confirms my suspicion that travelling is quite costly still in this day and age.

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