Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Waste Watch

It almost seems like there could be a never ending list of these.

Here's another one to chew on:

For: Dalfen, Charles, Chairperson CRTC

Event Description: Dinner meeting with CanWest Global Communications Corporation official

Date(s): 2005-11-06

Attendees: 2 (1 Government of Canada employee(s), 1 guest(s))

Location: 529 Wellington, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Total: $264.26

Ok, 2 people, $264.26, that's $132.13 each!

Now I've never eaten at 529 Wellington, but from what I've read it's a steak lover's dream.

But seriously, should taxpayers be on the hook for a dinner at a restaurant that has been called "the most expensive restaurant in the city,"by it's owners?

Short of sampling "Manitoba's highest rated wine list" it would have been fairly difficult to rack up a $264 food bill... but not impossible.

Have a look at their menu:

Most expensive appetizer: Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, U8......4 - $26.00

Most expensive entree: Doug's Special Cut - on the bone 28 oz (Prime Rib) - $49.00

Most expensive side: Sautéed Wild Mushrooms - $13.00

Most expensive desert: Hot Chocolate Lava Cake w/Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - $9.00

Total: $97.00 x 2 = $194.00

Plus 14% PST & GST = $221.16

Plus 15% Tip = $254.33

Leaving $5 each for a glass of wine/beer/pop/coffee

Spending $264 for two people on a meal can be done without ordering a bunch of wine, but it would take quite the appetite to eat a 28oz chunk of prime rib, on top of an appetizer, a side dish and desert.

Guess we'll have to ATI this one too, to find out.


David MacLean said...

Oh please. Maybe the guy from Can west could have picked up the tab?

Scott Hennig said...

They were saving up to buy Atlantis-Alliance yesterday.

Scott Hennig said...

Whoops, I meant Alliance-Atlantis. I usually just call it "the other AA."

BBS said...

Bureaucracy at it's best - the Canada School of Public Service is no slouch in the Travel and Hospitality category.

Ruth Dantzer,President and CEO manages to rack up $76,991.82 in overall travel and hospitality expenses for the year.

David MacLean said...

Holy cow...check out Dantzer's trip to Botswana for two weeks starting on April 7....

Why would they have a conference in Botswana?

David MacLean said...

Take a look at the "regional staff visit" on March 3 (dantzer). Who the heck pays $3,000 for airfare from Ottawa to Vancouver?

Anonymous said...

If you are flying at the last minute, and in executive class, then it's easy to spend big bucks on a flight. Air Canada loves clients like this!

As for the big dinner tab mentioned, you can safely assume that a good chunk of that is booze, likely two very expensive brandies after dinner. Nothing inflates a dinner tab faster than liquor.

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