Friday, January 05, 2007

File under "money does not grow on trees"

Six new junior cabinet ministers will enjoy a great bump in pay and the services of a car and driver. But it won't really cost taxpayers anything:

“They do in fact get a car and driver, but there’s no added cost to the taxpayer because the costs are being absorbed within the departments through re-allocation,” said Greg Jack. “Departments will have to absorb the cost, however they decide to do that.”
I love it!

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Len Pryor said...

Yup, this is an unexpected expansion, and it's gonna cost. But..... when one takes posession of a farm/business that has been neglected and abused for a long time it takes some expense, manpower, and machinery to get it back in respectable condition. Let's give this some time to show results, maybe a year or so, before we yell too loudly.

Len Pryor

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