Monday, January 08, 2007

Expenses out of line???

You really have to give credit where credit is due. Paul Martin put in place a really decent system for public reporting of hospitality and travel expenses for federal ministers, their staff and senior bureaucrats.

Could it be better? Yes, but it's a good start.

Just a reminder of where you can view the expenses:

Have a look around and if you see anything that seems strange, let us know in the comments section.

Here's one to get you started:

The Government Film Commissioner, Jacques Bensimon (left) took three people out for lunch (3 gov't employees - including himself, and 1 guest) on September 8, 2006 at a cost of $425.63 which works out to $106.41 per person.

Seems a bit lavish for a working lunch.

But perhaps that's only a drop in the bucket for a guy who took 11 international trips in 2006 including a trip to: Brazil, Washington DC, London, Los Angeles, Cape Town, 3 trips to Paris, and 3 trips to Cannes.

28 days in Cannes (total) and 12 in Paris (total).

In 2006 alone he spent $99,467 on travel expenses.

Arguably his most questionable expense was his $1,355.61 CDN charge for accommodations in Paris from May 14 to May 16, 2006. Likely 3 days, 2 nights at a cost of $677.81 per night at a hotel???

Have a look:



JM said...

Do you know why Crown Corporations like Canada Post, or AECL aren't included?

Scott Hennig said...

No, but that's a very good question.

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