Friday, January 05, 2007

Conservatives say no to $800 million museum

Liberal politicians are angry the government will not spend $800 million on a science and technology museum. We think Angry might have a better idea.

Who has a billion or half-a-billion for a museum?

But then the Liberals think that would be a great idea.

I have another great idea.

This is a technology museum, right? Why not use technology to create a museum at a hundredth of the cost?

Why doesn't McGuinty suggest a compromise as a way of protecting Canadian taxpayers' dollars? A virtual museum:

You scan all the documents and photos and papers, index them, and make them available on the web. Each artifact is accompanied with a write-up prepared by historians and researchers working under contract. Better yet, offer jobs to students to research the pieces and to develop reading material.

Artifacts get covered by multiple high-res photographs and videos. In a follow-on, create highly detailed 3D models of the artifacts, able to be rotated and zoom and cross-section via a browser-based interface.

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