Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Conservative Government - Liberal Spending

Today's fiscal monitor for November 2006 reveals a trend that has been observed since the Conservatives won the election one year ago today.

The Conservatives and the Liberals are virtually indistinguishable when it comes to holding the line on spending. Today's monitor reveals that spending is up close to 8% over the previous year and large surpluses in Ottawa are still the norm.

Does this call the government's commitment to broad-based and meaningful tax relief into doubt? You bet it does.

When you use a firehose for spending, you are left with only a eye-dropper for tax relief. Let's hope the Conservatives put away Ralph Goodale's firehose in the next little while.

If they don't, taxpayers will say thumbs down to the 2007 budget. And no, Mssrs Harper and Flaherty, not more targetted tax credits for some - we want broad tax relief for all.

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