Friday, December 08, 2006

The state has no business in the refrigerators of the nation

For too many politicians and bureaucrats most problems can be solved with a healthy serving of taxation and a side order of regulation. The latest? Taxing and regulating “bad foods” to tackle the obesity epidemic!

Those very smart persons in government and academia conclude that if we taxed Big Macs and Eat More bars that we’d all reduce our consumption of “bad foods” and fill the streets with Lance Armstrong look alikes. The concept is nothing new.



Farmer Joe said...

How come the poverty activists never get in on this?

Taxing food, any food, hits the poor first and hardest. For some people a bag of chips and a can of Coke are the only pleasure they can afford.

R.S. Porter said...

No, no. The government decides what kind of pleasure people are allowed to have.

Money Bags4Me said...

Can't wait for the 'orgasm' tax.

If you moan again when you get the invoice you'll probably get double-billed.

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