Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shouldn't taxpayers decide if MPP's get a raise?

Premier Dalton McGuinty has again shown complete disregard for taxpayers. He is trying to fast-track a 25% pay increase for himself and MPP's before the holiday season. Maybe he thinks people aren't watching him because they are busy buying gifts? MPP's will be singing Christmas carols all the way to the bank if something isn’t done. The proposed raise will increase their pay annually by $22,000.

Shouldn't taxpayers be the ones who decide if the premier and MPP's deserve a raise? Maybe Premier McGuinty isn't confident that they would say yes you deserve 25 per cent more. He did say he would balance the books and freeze taxes. He failed at that. He's also the guy who's been crying poor to the Prime Minister for months. Where does he plan to find the millions of dollars it is going to cost taxpayers to pay for this pay raise?

If you want to have a say in your MPP's pay raise then sign the CTF's petition here.

I wonder why Premier McGuinty didn't extend sitting hours to discuss the $127-million missing at Hydro One or the exec's at Children's Aid who were buying luxury SUV's and taking lavish vacations on the public dime...Those issues were obviously not as important as the MPP pay raise?

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