Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Senate vote

I just got off a stakeholder briefing/conference call on the proposed legislation to elect Senators. We'll certainly have more to say down the road but at first blush this proposal looks very promising.

The best news is Senators will be "nominated" via STV. And once we start "nominating" Senators, it will be very difficult for a government to take that process away.

Interesting times.

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Voice of Sanity said...

I like to learn so I am asking a question that has bugged me for awhile.
For many years Canada has been rated by many organizations as one of the best places in the world to live. We are seen by many of the world's people as a kindhearted, progressive and free nation and we enjoy strong ties with many powerful allies around the world. We are a very young nation yet we are world leaders in many areas of science and technology.
All of this evidence would suggest our govt. has served us well since its inception in 1867.
What I don't understand is this great need to change something that seems to work.
Yes, I remember that B. Mulroney stacked the upper chamber to ram through his GST and I suppose that was a good example of how a prime minister can undermine the senate, however, I have done my history and frankly there have been very few instances of this kind of abuse.
I do know that poles always suggest that the majority of Canadians often state that our difference from the U.S. is our greatest defining characteristic. So this would also suggest a reticence to adopt an elected upper chamber.
As I said at the start I would like to learn why we seem so set on fixing something that might not be broken.

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