Friday, December 29, 2006

Sask: Liberal leader wants to force you to eat right

David Karwacki, Saskatchewan's no-seat liberal party leader, is selling his "charter of responsibilities" idea in his year end interview with the Leader Post.

If people don't take responsibility for themselves, Karwacki would stomp them with the taxation jackboot:

StarPhoenix: Is it [ed: Karwacki's goofy Charter of Responsbilities idea] encouraging responsibility or is it forcing responsibility?

Karwacki: I think in large part encouraging wherever government can. But sometimes government needs to step in and force responsibility.

StarPhoenix: What would be an example of that?

Karwacki: Well, I think around areas like health care, when you talk about what kind of foods we are eating and consuming you want to incent (sic) people to have healthy lifestyles. But then at the end of the day if people continue to eat junk food and trans fats, maybe those need to be taxed. And that would be really more forcing people to step to the plate.

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