Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Peter Kormos: Taxpayers' Champion???

As the provincial Liberals and Conservatives get set to vote themselves a hefty raise before Christmas, the NDP, particularly, Niagara-Centre MPP Peter Kormos are rightfully labelling this "thoroughly repugnant."

Kormos even got kicked out of the legislature for his vehement opposition to the pay increase.
Dalton McGuinty - A Timeline:

Promises to not raise taxes and pledges to balance the books every year if elected. Wins the 2003 provincial election.

Raises taxes in first budget (a regressive tax no less). In the most deceptive of labels, it is called a "health premium" even though it goes into general revenues (to be spent on whatever Premier McGuinty and Minister Sorbara see fit - apparently including pay raises).

While a small surplus was run last year, another deficit is expected this year - the 4th in 4 years.

With the books still in the red, Premier McGuinty decides a hefty raise is needed for all MPP's. The Conservatives agree. Only the NDP, particularly Peter Kormos slam the move.

If taxpayers are looking for someone to watch their wallets, don't bother talking to Premier McGuinty. Ditto for John Tory and his Conservatives.

Peter Kormos has emerged as a principled and hard-nosed Taxpayers Champion. Props to Mr. Kormos. Too bad there weren't more like you at Queens Park.

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