Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Vote for the loudest beggar

Coyne on the political welfare mentality:

What a country. Elect me and I'll stick my hand out. I have a mandate to beg. That's what half our politicians see as their role: not to do their best with the money their own taxpayers gave them, nor even to raise taxes if that's too hard, but to spend other taxpayers' money.


Chad Moats said...

Sounds like Fiacco's campaign.

R.S. Porter said...

Oh please. Do you really think that Jim Holmes and, by association, your, tax hungry social justice/super welfare state platform would survive on its own? The minute the Coalition for a Collectivist-Friendly Regina was elected it would be begging for provincial and federal money.

Fiacco, while no where near perfect on fiscal matter is miles ahead of any of your ludicrous plans.

Chad Moats said...

No rhetoric from you.
Tell me , how do you really feel ?

Ps- Read some Jacobs and Florida.
Then you can talk urban econ, ok David?

R.S. Porter said...

I feel that you're a deranged individiual. You're an angry, angry man who believes the world owes him a good life, thus you should force the rest of the world to pay for it. Have I missed anything Dr. Freud?

If you want to talk economics consult an economist not an idealistic fool like Jacobs.

Chad Moats said...

Jane Jacobs is accepted as one of .if not the, preminent urban economist, Dave.
By the way can you write 1 comment without your neo-conservative rhetoric. I know your just projecting your anger but maybe we should talk about your mother ?

By the way "BS Porter", I believe I owe the services that enabled me to get to this point a favour. I believe, I have defend our public systems from your types constant negative attacks. That are filled with concepts,rhetoric and dogma but no fact,or very little in the case of the CTF.
Otherwise, you might convince people your right.

Your not.

David MacLean said...

Hey don't get me involved in this! I'm just minding my own business.

Chad Moats said...

Yeah right David.
We all know your BS Porters
Good to see you being yourself.

VanderHum said...

Bob Friesen and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, hands down the squeakiest wheel on the political highway.

David MacLean said...

Actually Chad, we're not the same person. Robert S. Porter has written at least one letter to the Leader Post that has been published and I can tell you that the Leader Post confirms by phone the identity of letters written to them. They would certainly know if it was me.

I assume an apology is forthcoming.

R.S. Porter said...

Chad, settle down.

First, William Alonso is far more important to urban economics, amoung many, many others would would rank above her. If anything her contribution is minimal and is more important to the concept of urban renewal more generally.

Second, for the last time, I am not David, nor am I part of the CTF in anyway except for commenting upon this blog. I'm not sure why you think this except that leftdog once said it and thus he must be right! If I was David why would I disagree with him? If I were David don't you think the other CTF staffers would know and disallow it? (I suppose it could all be a conspiracy though, that's probably it.)

Third, I'm not a neo-conservative. If you even understood the concept of neo-conservative it would make this a lot easier. I'm a libertarian. They're not the same.

I use rhetoric because I enjoy messing with you. Also, don't pretend that you have defended the statist establishment. You've done no such thing considering how pathetically the public system services the people and promotes stagnant economic growth.

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