Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sask: Fixed election dates, elected senators

We see no reason why the government would not pass this legislation.


Mayor Quimby said...

Except that it goes against the whole westminster system.
Senators , I can say OK but fixed election dates leave no flexibility in times of calamity.
But sadly, the precedent is being set but never stopped this province from acting before.
Though, I get the impression you don't see many reasons to oppose any SP idea.

David MacLean said...

Fixed election dates have no flexibility? Of course they do. If there is a natural disaster, the legislature votes to move the date. Simple as that.

The CTF hasn't been fond of Saskatchewan Party policy proposals -- however few there have been.

And you should know that we have supported many Government policies lately.

But that won't stop you from accusing us of bias. We've seen dozens of governments, of all stripes, come and go over the years.

This particular piece of legislation is flawless.

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