Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sask: Absenteeism survey

Saskatchewan government workers take 23 per cent more sick days than the national average for all employees. Why should we care? Because absenteeism costs taxpayers no less than $35 million a year.



VanderHum said...

Ag subsidies cost taxpayers more than $400 million per annum. If you don't care about that, why should anyone care about the trivial sum of $35 million?

Chad Moats said...

I don't see how absenteeism would effect the bottomline. If they are at work, they are getting paid so the overall result would be even.
Where as your idea about banking sick time and paying it out at the end of the year would cost taxpayers much more then the $35 M.
You shouldn't include crowns, as that money comes from ratepayers,not taxpayers.

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