Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ottawa - Meet Boss Hogg

Larry O'Brien - A Timeline:

Runs for mayor and criticizes out of control wages and spending at city hall.

Pledges to freeze taxes ("Zero Means Zero")

On the day before he is to be sworn in it is discovered he will accept a 23% salary increase (an extra $32,000) that will make him higher paid than Toronto Mayor David Miller.

Mayor-elect O'Brien also urges fellow councilors to accept a 35% increase.

But don't worry folks, he's not going to raise your taxes and will get rid of wasteful spending.


jdave34 said...

You guys at the Taxpayer's Federation must have some pull with Larry the Looter's Chief-of-Staff, no? C' remember him... Maybe you can get him on the phone and have him explain his sudden flip-floppery? Or is the CTF just embarrassed to be connected with him? I would be....

David MacLean said...

I think the Mayor-elect and his staff should know that leadership starts at the top.

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