Friday, November 03, 2006

More Tax Relief on the Way

Making Telus, BCE and other multi-billion dollar companies pay their fair share of tax means being able to further reduce the tax burden on hard-working Canadians.

Finance Minister-Jim Flaherty is eyeing further tax reduction, including shaving another point off the GST.

Cutting taxes? Taxpayers say two-thumbs up! Although, it'd be nice if Minister Flaherty would throw in a round of income tax cuts too. Just a thought...

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Richard Drysdale said...

Any tax Telus or any of the other companies who want to convert to trusts don't pay will be paid by the unitholders. Telus has never paid taxes.With the proposed conversion the unitholders will be paying the taxes. What is with people who think that by taxing any one or any company more that taxes will somehow be lowered.It will never happen. We will all be taxed more.In the end the government will have all the money. Look at the surplus that is money they have robbed from us.Then they try to make themselves look good by using our money to pay down the debt they caused. I am 60 and have never asked the government to go into debt. They did it by buying off foolish taxpayers with their own money. Stop the madness stop the continuous cry of tax the companies and we will pay less tax. Never going to happen

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