Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Government math: less students=more schools

The Alberta government just released the new school "wish list" from every school board in Alberta. It amounts to $3.1-billion worth of new schools.

Ok, Alberta is a growing province, and new schools might be needed, but as every PC leadership candidate keeps saying "it's not that we don't have enough schools it's just that they're in the wrong place."

Fair enough, but then where's the plan to close down a bunch of schools. For every school they open at least one should be shut down. Especially considering:

There are 6,044 less K-12 students in Alberta, than there were three years ago, yet 20 new schools. 39 new schools if you only look at Public and Separate school divisions (which make up the bulk of schools in the province).

Less students and more schools. That doesn't make sense.

And now the government wants to put $3.1-billion into building even more schools.

Unfortunately the government doesn't seem to have the stones to tell these school boards that they only get a new school when they close down a half-empty one.


Mayor Quimby said...

Wasn't there a comment here ?
I was hoping for an answer.

Mayor Quimby said...

So where are the kids suppose to go when the old school is shut down and the new one built ?

Scott Hennig said...

Ummm... to the new school.

Sarcasm is sometimes tough to relay in a blog comment, was your question meant to be sarcastic?

Mayor Quimby said...

sorry, i meant in between, you state schools should close before new ones are built, but this would leave kids with out a school, no?

What happened to the other comment ?
Was mien fuhrer MacLean ?

R.S. Porter said...

Maybe I read past it, but where did Mr. Hennig say they should close schools down before there is a new place to put students?

And yes, where did Moats' comment go?

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