Wednesday, November 08, 2006

First past the post a thing of the past?

Hopefully in Ontario. Coyne on the Ontario Citizen's Assembly on Electoral Reform.

But the most unconscionable effect of first-past-the-post is not that it discriminates between parties. It's that it discriminates between voters. The voter who sides with the winning candidate in his riding gets full representation in Parliament. The two thirds or more of voters who sided with another candidate get none. It took about 43,000 voters to elect each Tory or Liberal MP in the last federal election. The NDP, on the other hand, with 2.6 million voters, won only 29 seats -- or about 90,000 votes per seat -- while the Bloc Quebecois, with just 1.6 million voters, got 51 seats: one for every 30,000 voters.
Hear, hear!

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SouthernTory said...

I'm still not sure about Proportional Representation.

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