Wednesday, November 29, 2006


What are you doing Larry?

Wasn't Larry O'Brien the guy who talked about eliminating waste at city hall so taxes could be frozen?

How credible or successful will the new mayor be if he tries to get a union to accept a 0%, 3% or 5% wage increase? It'll look like peanuts up against his whopping pay raise.

Is a raise that is 16 times the rate of inflation sound fiscally responsible to you?

Not off to a very good start and he's not even sworn in yet.

3 Final Words:

Outrageous. Unbelievable. Disgusting.


jdave34 said...

Who the hell is giving Larry his advice? Doesn't he have a chief of staff to explain that this is a stupid move that should be at least re-examined? Wait, he DOES have a chief of staff!! His name is....Walter Robinson? Mr. CTF himself?

So.... How many other CTF executives (former or present) are fullash*t windbags just looking to get their hands on the levers of power by saying whatever the public wants to hear?

I'm just glad that I never believed all his BS about fighting for taxpayers. I never trust anyone who would claim to speak for me without first asking me if I'd like to be spoken for.

civicparties said...

In the last round of municipal elections, we saw first hand the fingers of partisan political parties in the process.

We had the CPC interfere in the Ottawa election.

We had Sid Ryan claim in his Toronto Sun column that the union now controls 15 mayors and 11 of 22 school board trustees of the Toronto District School Board.

We had David Miller run openly as the NDP candidate.

We had the NDP run nomination battles to select candidates for ward elections.

We had the former President of the Liberal Paty of Canada immediate given star status when he entered late in the campaign.

The Municipal Act of Ontario (elections and financing) states clearly that no federal or provincial party will support any municipal candidate.

It is time to allow non-partisan citizens to naturally form their own civic parties. This will allow them to legally fund raise, seek candidates for election and to speak as one voice with a vision for their municipality.

Why should partisan political parties and Political Action Committees for the NDP like CUPE enjoy superior rights to the ordinary citizen.

Civic Parties is the norm in the major democracies in the world. Quebec has allowed civic parties for 50 plus years. BC has civic parties.

It is time to bring civic parties to Ontario. It is time to allow the ordinary citizen to freely enjoy the democratic process as indicated in the Charter of Rights.

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