Tuesday, November 07, 2006

CTF mail bag!

Here's an example of the brilliant correspondence CTF directors receive on a regular basis. This one is from Lawrence Maier of the Grain Services Union in Saskatchewan. Lawrence worked on Jim Holmes' CCFR campaign to be Regina's mayor.

Time to stand up to unions?
More like time to stand up to greedy, shameless, anything for a buck self promoters like David MacLean. What have you got against people earning a decent wage? Why not release the list of the so called supporters you have so I can deal with them personally?

You want to stand up to unions? Identify yourself and your supporters, instead of being a schill for the rich. We already know your "membership" is a figment of your imagination - no members, no guts, no heart. Just a sad dedication to rob the poor and feed the rich.

Lawrence Maier
I offered to talk this over with Lawrence in person. Turns out he's not so eager to deal with people "personally" after all.


Adam Taylor said...

Larry is probably someone who sends a little extra to the government each year.

Larry doesn't see the need for a taxpayer watchdog group because:

-We don't pay enough tax
-Governments don't waste money
-People should shut up and stop complaining

Steve said...

Larry obviously believes he gets real value for his tax dollar. But then he is just a greedy, shameless promoter of spending someone else's money to get the things he desires.

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