Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Beg, Spend and Tax

What are the three things David Miller does in his role as Toronto's mayor Alex?

That's correct.

Just days after winning re-election Toronto Mayor David Miller went to Premier McGuinty and begged for one per cent of the PST to be transferred to his government. McGuinty gave him the obligatory "we have no money" and sent him to Ottawa. Finance Minister Flaherty didn't show as much courtesy when asked to transfer one point of the GST nor should he. Giving Mayor Miller another new revenue source after such a poor term of fiscal management would be like doubling your kids allowance after they wasted it all on candy!

Mayor Miller obviously didn’t take the hint from the Premier and the Finance Minister that he should get spending in check. Reports from City hall are saying that the Mayor is throwing around the idea of taxing parking as soon as his powers under the City of Toronto Act kick in Jan. 1.

I think Torontonians may get tired of Miller’s beg, spend and tax strategy at city hall sooner than later.

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