Friday, October 27, 2006

Sask: Where to begin?

What a crazy couple of days in Saskatchewan. I guess I'll be short and sweet.

Bad idea

Good idea:

The CTF did find something to cheer about in the throne speech. MacLean called the province's plan to introduce legislation dedicating every fuel tax dollar it collects to maintaining roads "absolutely brilliant."

He explained gas taxes should be treated like user fees that are returned to roads. This year, the provincial government has poured roughly $375 million from fuel taxes into highways.

Very good idea.
But let's be very clear about the PST cut. It's great see some significant tax relief, and believe me it is significant. It will make Saskatchewan more competitive.

However, it would have been smarter for the government to cut school taxes or income taxes.

That said, we'll take it!

We're hoping there's more to come.

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