Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sask: More forestry layoffs

While Weyerhauser is laying off more workers, Lautermilch continues to tell us the Prince Albert Pulp Mill is still viable.

Remember the last time Lautermilch told us a business was viable?

UPDATE: Opposition Leader Brad Wall is demanding a plan to re-open the Prince Albert mill

“The future of the Prince Albert mill is crucial to the survival of Saskatchewan’s entire forestry sector,” Wall said.

“A concrete plan of action and clear progress on getting that mill up and running would be a shot in the arm for Prince Albert as well as Carrot River and Hudson Bay.”

“Anything less than a timetable for reopening the Prince Albert mill will amount to a failure on the part of the NDP.”
Okay, Mr. Wall. What do you suggest? Subsidies, tax credits, forgiveable loans or direct government ownership? All of the above?

Offering no details on what exactly the Saskatchewan Party would do to re-open the mill is perfectly intentional. It sets up the government for failure so the Saskatchewan Party can score cheap political points.

The unintended consequence may be to pressure the government into doing exactly what most people don't want it to do -- fork over hundreds of millions of tax dollars to re-open a dead-end mill.

Don't tempt them. The government has the money right now to stroke a cheque and make that mill instantly re-open. That's something we'll all regret.


Spakosky said...

And Calvert has put this guy in charge of forestry and highways! Now he's doing for Sask highways and the forestry industry what he did for the potatoe industry!

David MacLean said...

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