Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Revoke Councilor Benham’s line of credit

Hair cuts, liquor runs, pizza, KFC, books on how to win elections and songs by Captain & Tennille - these are just a few items Winnipeg city councilor Donald Benham charged to the taxpayers of our city. Although he did pay back over $4,000 he owed, it took him 18 months to do so.

The CTF believes the councilor from River Heights - Fort Garry cannot be trusted with a credit card (he doesn't have a personal one) and should return his taxpayers funded one immediately.

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Viewing You said...

Those of us who are aware of how things are run at city hall are not fooled by what Adrian Batra did by coming out with this story with such good timing before the election. What I did not know though, was just how friendly she is with Sam Katz. Are you not prohibited from holding a membership in a political party? Is fraternizing and slanting in favour of a party not the same thing? Shame on you. The answer is quite simple, take away all of the councillor's credit cards and make them submit receipts for reimbursement. Mr. Benham is a very fine man and an even better councillor. Let's not forget about all the councillor's in the past who have done wrong. And most certainly, let's not forget about Mayor Sam Katz and his red light fiasco, the survey done with taxpayers money on Olywest (oh ya, he refuses to release the truth on that one). Who is spending taxpayers money incorrectly? why don't you start printing stories on Sam just before the election Adrian?

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