Thursday, October 05, 2006

A politician who's fighting for the taxpayer

A big thanks is owed to the City of Airdrie city councillor Shawn Howard who called the CTF with a concern about a session being offered at the annual Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) convention in Edmonton.

A session entitled "Promises, Promises - Developing and Running a Successful Campaign."

This session offers incumbent elected officials a session on how to get re-elected. Granted, it was technically open to the general public, but unless you went to the AUMA website, and searched through the session schedule of the AUMA convention (a convention only open to civic officials), you'd never know about it.

Shawn's concern (and our concern after he told us about the session), is that many municipalities cover 100% of the costs for their elected officials to attend AUMA sessions.

So taxpayers were going to foot the bill for many of the incumbent attendees to teach them how to run an election campaign. What's next, asking taxpayers to buy incumbents election signs and TV advertising during the campaign?

It's questionable in the first place why the AUMA (a taxpayer funded entity) felt the need to put on such a session, but it's just plain wrong for elected officials to stick the bill to taxpayers.

If you want training on how to get re-elected pay for it yourself!

Thanks again to Shawn Howard for blowing the whistle on this disgusting waste of taxpayers money.

Check out the Edmonton Sun's coverage:
Pre-session and post-session.

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