Monday, October 23, 2006

My poll has been hijacked!

Apropos of nothing, Paul Wells is the most recent blogger bemoaning a hijacked online poll (in this case by the Ignatistas -- which seems to be a common way of smearing political types of all pursuasions these days -- ie. harperistas, dionistas, etc.) Give me strength.

By its very nature, an online poll cannot be hijacked. It exists free to anyone with a mouse pad. If friends or co-conspirators tell each other to go and register their opinion at an online poll there is nothing nefarious going on. It's the darn internet!

A more apt description for the phenomenon of a poll being flooded by a group of like-minded people would simply be "usage."

Do you think it's lame to complain about online polls being hijacked?
Yeah, it's really lame. It's an internet poll!
Flooding online polls threatens the solemn sanctity of the democratic process.
Online polls are dumb.
Free polls from

UPDATE: Oh please! It looks like the "online polls are dumb" crowd is hijacking the online poll!

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