Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dubai trip was a wasteful junket

We've got copy of the letter from Vice Chief of the Defence Staff confirming that the Senators were informed well in advance that a trip to Afghanistan was not possible.

High ranking officials from the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces including myself and a representative from the Strategic Joint Staff met with the Honourable Senator C. Kenny in his office at 14:30 on Saturday, September 2 , 2006. During the meeting Canadian Forces officials provided an operational update explaining that for reasons of personal safety, the committee would no longer be able to travel to Kandahar as planned between September 12 and 15.

This certainly puts a bullet in the "Senators were set up by the government" conspiracy theory.

And don't forget about the receipts. Holy smokes!

Update: The room rate of $1,200 AED = $367.70 CAD per night, and a quick look at the Renaissance Dubai Hotel website shows that the Senators likely stayed in what's know as their "Executive Suite".

The hotel's website describes the executive suite as:

Executive suite, 1 king bed
living area with sofa, limousine transfers from
airport, access to private club lounge

The executive suite is second only to the "Presidential Suite."


David MacLean said...

If you check out the rates, it appears the Senators booked the second most expensive rooms in the Hotel.

There is also a very generous government rate. I'm wondering if they even bothered to take advantage of it.

It's only money, eh?

All of this for one meeting?

Scott Hennig said...

You are correct David, the government rate is 600 AED per night or exactly half of what our Senators spent.

For 600 AED ($183.73 CAD) per night the Senators could have stayed in a "Quality Room" described as:

Deluxe Room,1 king or 2 queens
In room safe, Full Size desk with high speed internet access, dataport, city and pool view

Or for free they could have stayed home (as they were advised to do) and probably got more work done.

RGS said...

Why do they do this kind of thing? Because they can, they know they can, they have done it before and there isn't a damned thing we can do about it. It's the senatorial way of saying, "Pound salt, fool".

Robert McClelland said...

It's a disgrace that the Conservative cost us that money by playing their partisan games. It was safe for Gordon O'Connor to travel to Afghanistan just a few days before the Defence Department told these Senators it wasn't safe for them to do so.

The real scandal is not the money however. The real scandal is that the Conservatives stood in the way of a fact finding mission to find out where the hundreds of millions of dollars supposedly being spent on reconstruction were going.

I'm not surprised the fraudulent CTF would be howling about the former spending while ignoring the Cons attempts to stiffle transparency.

And by the way, CTV reported this info a couple of days ago.

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