Tuesday, October 10, 2006

...and a politician who's not fighting for the taxpayer

... but at least he's being honest about it.

Kudos to Edmonton City Councillor David Thiele for being honest and upfront about his distain for Edmonton ratepayers.

Recent news stories in Edmonton are pegging this year's city budget to include a property tax increase to be in the 7% range.

Thiele is quoted in today's Edmonton Sun as saying:

"I'm willing to go to 7%, you've heard me say 10% in the past."

With Edmonton's annual inflation rate sitting at 3.53%, 7% is nearly double the inflation rate, and 10% is nearly triple.

Councillor Dave Thiele might be a lot of things (tax-hungry, big-government loving, self-interested pocket-lining, union puppet, who could care less about seniors who are struggling with fixed incomes and might be forced out of their homes by rising property taxes), but no one, no one, can call him a liar.

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TimR said...

Edmonton's councillors have been playing this shell game for years. They always start out by estimating a tax increase of 7% before they get into line-item budgeting to reduce it to only about a 5% increase. Then they portray themselves as heroes for holding the line on taxes.

Property taxes rise anyway because of market value assessment so it's often a double-whammy for taxpayers. Meanwhile the civic unions are licking their chops and can hardly wait to get to the bargaining table because of the nice pay raise council voted itself a few months ago.

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