Thursday, September 28, 2006

What would McGuinty do?

Via Proud to be Canadian...a telling admission.

“As an Ontarian, if I’ve got to choose between a privately funded doctor and no doctor, then I’d take the privately funded doctor,” McGuinty said.
Unfortunately, opposition leader John Tory stoops to a whole new level of demagoguery.
Conservative Leader John Tory showed McGuinty no quarter, describing the comments as “an astonishing admission of failure.

Are Ontarians who don’t have a family doctor being told by you that they should cross the border to get their medical care?” Tory demanded during question period.

“Are you saying they should be able to pay privately here to get that care?”

“I’m saying no to both those questions,” McGuinty responded.

The correct answer is "yes," Dalton. And the fact that you really mean "yes" is proven by your decision to hire a private company to run the emergency room in the first place.

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