Thursday, September 07, 2006 hear the lamentations of taxpayers...

Oh those crazy NDP resolutions....via Stephen Taylor. I'm just not sure that tongue-in-cheek works well in resolution form. That said, this says a lot about this particular riding association's contempt for taxpayers:

Whereas Statistics Canada reported that 10 per cent of the population pay 50 per cent of income taxes; and

Whereas commentators and experts conclude from this that the wealthiest Canadians are paying more than their fair share of taxes; and

Whereas the New Democratic Party is emphatically in favour of equitable treatment for all Canadians, with respect to both taxes and incomes,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the New Democratic Party pledge to support the highly vocal element in society that languish loud and long about the burden of taxes by advocating the more equitable distribution of incomes so that all Canadians not only pay their share of income tax, but have incomes which enable them to live in dignity while doing so.

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