Monday, September 25, 2006

Right to know week

This week is Right to Know week. We have a number of events planned aimed at raising awareness around access to information issues.

This first event is tonight at the RPL Film Theater. I'll be serving on a panel with Gary Dickson, Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner Regina City Solicitor Neil Robertson.

The discussion will be moderated by Ian Peach of the Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy.

I urge everyone interested in public policy to come out and join in.

For those outside Regina there will be a panel discussion in Saskatoon featuring CBC Investigative Reporter Dan Zakreski and Greg Marchildon, Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and Economic History, University of Regina.

Check for more details.


Giant Political Mouse said...

Does the public have a right to know who is on your membership list?

David MacLean said...

Just like you are able to blog anonymously, people are allowed to support the CTF, Greenpeace or the CFIB privately.

Giant Political Mouse said...

My blog doesn't drive the political agenda, or get covered by the MSM, or get quoted as a knowledgeable source by newspapers and television.

There are only two possible scenarios:

1) The CTF has no impact on public policy or the public discussion. In that case, anonymity is fine, but no one should donate to your organization because it can’t get results.

2) You DO have an inpact on public policy and thus your membership list should be free to the public. Just like George Bush and the wiretapping issue down in the States, they claim that if you have nothing to hide why should you be concerned?

Scott Hennig said...

As a supporter of the CTF, and now employee, I'd be very concerned with the CTF handing out their supporter lists because I don't want spammers, telemarketers and political parties calling my house asking me for money, just because I support the CTF.

Plus, unlike government run organizations, we don't get a single cent from anyones taxes. Nor do we force people to contribute to us like unions do.

The day this organization starts taking grants and tax dollars is the day that I quit my job and quit donating to the CTF.

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