Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Regina: Right to Know Week reception

A friendly reminder to those who are interested that the "Right to Know" week reception is happening tonight in the Window Room at SIPP. Drop by at 7:00.

More info here.

The Lieutenant Governor Gordon Barnhart will be in attendance and David Gollub, Vice-president of the Canadian Newspaper Association will be our guest speaker. I understand the theme for his talk will be "broken promises in Ottawa and the culture of secrecy that won’t die."

"Right to Know" initiatives have garnered some attention.

Toronto Star: The public's right to know
Knowledge is power
FYI Liberals: It's time to change FOI act
Campbell's openness test
Government clams up: Report
Hungry for the truth
Alberta government celebrates R2K
Globe and Mail: CNA says "right to know" is under attack
What right does the public have to know?

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R.S. Porter said...

I think the CTF should oppose the Lieutenant Governor as a waste of taxpayer money.

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