Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rabble hyperbole


Do you hear that sound? That wheezing noise in the background is the sound of our rights being pulled out from under us. On the surface, the Conservative government's announcement of $1 billion in cuts may seem benign. If you were half asleep while watching the news last night, the gravity of the situation may not have hit you. But I know that I sat up in bed and couldn't sleep all night.

Sorry, I couldn't hear it.

Even though dozens of constitutional lawyers recently rendered a legal opinion that there is no constitional way that Harper could possibly overturn gay marriage without using the Clause, he might decide to move forward anyway, and dare us to scare up the resources to fight him in court — on our own dime.

On your own dime? Welcome to the real world.

1 comment:

Matchbook said...

The Supreme Court's whole mandate revolves around possibly overturning legislation. Why don't we scrap its budget too? Maybe put the Supreme Justices on some lawn chairs on Parliament Hill...

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