Monday, September 18, 2006


I happened to watch the Regina City Council meeting tonight in which council passed a motion calling for a "Regina first" hiring policy. The idea is if two workers of similar qualifications apply for the same job, the individual from Regina would get the position. This, say the politicians, would help keep more of our young people here in Regina.

I'm wondering if this is an appropriate grounds for discrimination. Can the city really say you can't have the job because of where your mailbox is?

I know it's commonly practiced with visible minorities and people with disabilities, but can the city really favour local candidates over equally-qualified folks from Winnipeg?


Soulfood said...

This is a good question. Another question would be, is this a good strategy? Is it not also a goal to grow your city? Bring in new people who will then tell all their friends in Winnipeg how great Regina is?

In my experience, no one has such similar qualifications that you have to fall back on "where are they from" to pick a candidate. Someone is ALWAYS going to come out on top. The problem with this law is that now the people doing the hiring are going to have the mentality to hire Regina people, regardless of who's best for the job. They'll be turning away highly qualified people with great skill sets and telling them, "you're not as good as someone from Regina, because your parents raised you in Winnipeg," as if that person had any choice. Hiring managers will be taking less time to look at the true qualifications of the applicants, and will take the shortcut route and hire Regina-folk.

Is this discrimination? I don't know.

Is it good policy? No.

Farmer Joe said...

Yes, its discrimination.

No, its not good policy and the marketplace will punish them for it.

Now here's a question, why is it that only the government is allowed to discriminate?

Soulfood said...

Well, I don't think it's just the government that discriminates. But I do think that they're the only ones who BLANTANTLY discriminate. Everyone else just hides it better.

Chad Moats said...

The hiring of residents is most likely based on good intentions, but the fact that wages and the prospect of a full-time permanent position is very unlikely are the biggest drawbacks. The city couldn't meet its needs this year due to the low starting wage of $10/hr, many chose to work in private sector for similar jobs with $1-5/hr extra wages or took a lesser paying job with a smaller workload.
Just more curbside appeal policy from Hincks.

R.S. Porter said...

The entire concept is disgusting. It's descrimination pure and simple since no two people are ever equally qualified. A government has no right to descriminate ever.

The council should be ashamed.

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