Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oh the sweet, sweet irony

This is rich.

First, the City of Calgary raises property taxes, and then they strike a committee to figure out what kind of program they need to help seniors who are being hurt by these high taxes.

In fact, they raised municipal property taxes last year by almost 10%. Yeah, inflation is rising in Calgary and the growth is substantial, but those new homes that have been built are adding to the tax base, and the developers are paying a new home levy on top of the new tax base they just created.

Inflation is hovering around 4% a year, yet taxes went up by 10%! Uh, hello! Of course seniors are going to be hurt by this, what did you expect?

Perhaps if the City quit wasting tax dollars on pancake breakfasts for people in Washington, DC, glitzy housholders telling Calgarians that they don't pay enough in taxes, TV, print and radio ads -- advertising said householder, public opinion polls on said householder showing that 79% of Calgarians didn't even look at it, trips for the Mayor and an aldermen to travel to London, England to have a look at some blueprints, etc, etc, etc -- perhaps they wouldn't have to raise taxes and then spend even more money trying to figure out how to help those people hurt by the tax increases.

Bonus irony: Alderman Gord Lowe, chair of the finance committee, and deputy head cheerleader for higher taxes (next to Mayor Bronconnier), is also the guy in charge of figuring out how to help seniors cope from this higher taxes.

I'm sure he'll be a lot of help.

Hey Gord, here's some free advice, courtesy of the CTF:

How about you start by not jacking up taxes by 10% each year. How about you put in a cap on how much taxes can go up each year.

Start there and you wouldn't need a committee to navel-gaze on the taxpayers dime.


Chad Moats said...

A new housing and retail area planned for Regina’s southwest, west of the Lewvan Expressway and south of the airport, will encompass land owned by members of the Fiacco family. Land titles documents show 34 lots in undeveloped Devonia Park are registered to Mike, Marie, Tony and Pasquale(Pat) Fiacco.
The land is currently vacant, but sits within the area slated for a new suburb that will be ringed by retail outlets and industries serving the airport. Mayor Fiacco has already stated he has a conflict of interest regarding the proposed development, however details of the conflict have not been public.
The Fiacco family members are not the only lot owners affected by the southwest proposal. Dundee Developments, Builders Development, Beaucorp Ventures Ltd., 602946 Saskatchewan Ltd., and numerous individuals have title to large pieces of land in the development area, and there are several small and large landholders within the Devonia Park portion.

It seems Regina is in the same boat.

David MacLean said...

The important question here, Chad, is whether the Mayor recused himself of voting on the approval of the development. I haven't been able to find that out.

Chad Moats said...

One needs to ask more then that David.
When was it bought ?
Why was the development moved ahead several years, not demand ?
Why are some properties in other family members names ?
The fact that the mayor has inside information on such developments and can influence the adminstration by setting the focus of their expansion plans should be enough of conflict that the mayor should not be attempting to profit from city development,period.

R.S. Porter said...

Why are some properties in other family members names?

Assuming it's extended family, not underage children or something, it's probably because the family decided to pool their money and buy a large amount of land. I have friends to did the same thing in NW Regina.

That said, there still are other important questions.

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