Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Klein write-up

A decent piece on Ralph Klein although much of it is re-hashed.

This is hilarious:

Klein has already given five priorities to Stephen Harper, who is not only Prime Minister but the MP for his Calgary riding. He lists them on the meaty fingers of one hand. Gun control: "Get rid of it, it's goofy." Kill the Kyoto Protocol: "Let us design our own devices to address global warming, in that we are a resource-based, carbon-fuel based economy." Same-sex marriage: "That is an irksome one. Fine, I have a lot of homosexual friends, but honour the constitution of marriage." Senate: "For God's sake reform it. Elect it." Eliminate the Canadian Wheat Board: "Let our farmers compete fairly relative to the sale of their wheat and barley." Address these, he asked Harper, "because they're goofy, Liberal, socialist issues."
Of course, our own Scott Hennig throws some cold water on Kleins "goofy, liberal, socialist" spending.

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