Friday, September 08, 2006

Bob Rae -- welcome to 1998

Because that is when the Alberta government passed Bill 11 -- a bill allowing contracting medically-necessary surgical procedures to the private sector. When this law was being debated (endlessly, I might add) in the legislature, millions were spent on advertising by CUPE and the gang to kill it. They were partially successful, as the bill was watered down and neutered beyond recognition. The goal was to increase capacity of the health system and reduce costs. The revised bill accomplished neither.

Mr. Rae made a lot of union enemies today.

The good news is the debate has finally shifted. It's only the died-in-the-woolers who still believe in a monolithic soviet-style health system. The question is not IF there should be private sector involvent, the questions are how much and where.


Money Bags4Me said...

The other big question is when?

Yesterday sounds good to me.

John Murney said...

Gosh I hadn't heard about this. Thanks, David!

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