Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bits and pieces from Ontario

News has it that it costs $6-million to scrap a G and move some circles and a triangle a few centimeters in the new Ontario Lottery Corperation logo.

They used to tell me in elementary school that I wasn't artistically gifted. Many of the all-time great artists were not appreciated in their time but there was no mistaking I was not destined to be commissioned to redo the Sistine chapel. Apparently that doesn’t mean I couldn't have become a multimillionaire graphic designer accepting contracts from the Ontario government.

Rumor on the street is that Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment and Rogers are joining forces in an attempt to bring the NFL to Toronto. Let me tell you that I'm so excited for the NFL kickoff today. I would be even more excited to see an NFL team in Toronto. It would add even more to our already world-class city.

While this is a long-shot that Toronto will get a new NFL franchise I'm glad to see David Miller has weighed in on the issue and stated that MLSE and Rogers should not expect public funding for this endeavor. NFL fans may not appreciate his stance but they have to remember deals like $600-million of public money poured into the Skydome which was ultimately sold to Rogers for $25-million. Should this potential Toronto NFL franchise come to fruition they would most likely play at the Rogers Centre. Looks like the taxpayer has already made a hefty contribution!

Finally, the proposed City of Toronto legislation to restrict lobbyists from abusing their access to politicians and bureaucrats seem to be coming up short. This is a rather unfortunate turn of events. Hopefully, the committee in charge of this new legislation will realize the public skepticism over political motivations and make the proper amendments.

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