Friday, August 11, 2006


Taxpayers, via the federal government, will plow $1.5 million into growing the international market for wild blueberries.

That's a lot of blueberry pies.


Soulfood said...

So, I was on John Murney's blog and I saw a comment by someone named David Maclean and I was like "is that the David Maclean I think it is??" And it is.

David, you spoke to one of my classes at the College of Commerce at the U of S and you're just someone who's hard to forget. I always notice when you're on the news and go "hey, that guy spoke to my class!"

Anyway, this is my first visit here, but I don't think it'll be my last.

Oh, and blueberries are disgusting!! Ewwwww.

David MacLean said...

Thanks for coming by, soulfood.

I love visiting that class. What semester were you there?

Did you group win?

VanderHum said...

So what's your problem with that, Tanis? That it's a subsidy or that it's targeted to eastern Canada?

Soulfood said...


I was the fall 2005 class and we lost by 6 votes!!!! That was one of my biggest disappointments in my whole academic career. We worked so hard!!!!

Haha, oh well.

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