Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why Saskatchewan kids are in school today

I don't have a link, but I just heard a report on the radio about why Saskatchewan kids go to school today instead of after the long weekend -- as is the practice in the rest of the country. Turns out, school board trustees in Saskatoon wanted to start the year after Labour Day but the teachers union protested and killed the idea.

You see, if the school year starts after labour day, that time will have to be made up during the year. Teachers told the politicians they will accept nothing less than three consecutive weeks off at Christmas and 10 days in the spring. The school boards buckled.

That's why summer holidays end early for Saskatchewan parents.



R.S. Porter said...

I guess two months off (plus Christmas, Easter, etc) isn't enough.

The single biggest reason for the declining quality of education is teachers unions.

This country desperately needs right-to-work laws.

WandaLady said...

David McLean said "but I just heard a report on the radio about why.." is that what passes for 'research' with you folks these days??? Based on what you think you might have heard you are ready to start making accusatations?

What kind of a 2 bit operation are your employers letting you run here?

This is research? Where are your facts? Where was your analysis?

Do you read grocery store tabloids too?

David MacLean said... is a link...

Our analysis: This is ridiculous.

John Murney said...

Why would Saskatchewan need legislation that would lower the standard of living to fix the problems in education governance?

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