Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Real Evil Empire

We sports fan here in Toronto refer to Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment as the evil empire. Maybe we are just bitter because the Leafs and Raptors have won about as much as the Hartford Whalers did during their tenure in the NHL. Ticket prices are up and the only thing MLSE is winning are bids for corporate welfare.

The federal government has pitched in $27-million and the provincial government $8-million towards building a soccer stadium which will house MLSE’s new Major League Soccer team. Both levels of government are quick to point out that they will recoup $10-million in stadium naming rights over the next 20 years.

Little did they know that the naming rights would go for $27-million over the next 10 years. Or did they? Maybe MSLE isn’t the real evil empire…


Robert McClelland said...

I can't help but notice you didn't link to this story. Could it be because it's almost a year old and you're trying to give the impression it's new so you can then shout "Gotcha! The Liberals did this." if someone cries foul over it? I think it is.

Neil Desai said...

this is the real news of the day. I agree that the government announcement is not new. But BMO giving MLSE 27 million over 10 years is new. Don't you think a logical person would either negiotiate a percentage deal to recoup financing or wait till the deal is signed for naming rights?

Thats the real point here.

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